THE SACRED AND THE SECULAR: Judeo-Spanish music of the synagogue and the marketplace.

THE LIFE CYCLE: Music celebrating birth, childhood, bar mitzvah, courtship and marriage in the Judeo-Spanish tradition.

AMOR AND WEDDINGS: Wedding music and love songs from the Mediterranean countries.

THE HOLY DAYS: Music from the celebrations of Passover, Chanukah, Purim, etc. Special Programs in celebration of any single holiday.

BUILDING BRIDGES: A program of Sephardic and Arabic music with guest artist, the Lebanese-born oudist/vocalist Maurice Chedid.

A new interactive program for children and families. It tells the story of a young boy named Simon who, in 1492, is forced to leave his homeland of Spain with his family because of religious persecution. However, Simon takes the key to his house and long after they reach Turkey he passes it down to the next generation, and the next – for over 500 years. Infectious rhythms and haunting melodies bring audiences on an unforgettable trip back in time, searching for the key.
While hearing the music and poetry of the Sephardic Jewish culture, children also explore geography, history and language arts. Interactive audience participation includes a sing-along in Spanish and Ladino (15th century Judeo-Spanish), finding Spain and Turkey on a map, and playing rhythms on simple percussion instruments. The music and story-telling by ALHAMBRA bring this long-ago period of history vividly to life.

ALHAMBRA is available as a quartet or quintet  (with one of the guest artists listed).